I'm a Lead Technical QA Analyst based in Northwich ****with 7 years of experience in the software testing industry.

My main focus recently has been to become proficient with Javascript and Cypress.io, in order to write automated test cases for our company's projects. The start of my career had a focus on manual testing, and writing manual test cases to execute in test plans. I’ve also got experience with testing Rest APIs using Postman; writing load/performance tests with Jmeter; working with microservice architecture; and maintaining documentation for the testing processes. I also have experience in managing and mentoring inexperienced members of staff.

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Lead Technical QA Analyst

Cloudbooking, Remote – (May 2022 - Present)

Senior Technical QA Analyst

Cloudbooking, Remote – (July 2021 - May 2022)

Technical QA Analyst

Cloudbooking, Remote – (March 2021 - July 2021)

Lead Product Automation Engineer

Amag Technology, Tewkesbury, UK – (February 2020 - March 2021)

My most recent role within Amag let me stretch my wings a bit with some software that I used briefly back in 2017 - Cypress.io. Cypress is an all-in-one testing framework and assertion library, which interfaces with the application directly instead of via a browser driver, like popular automation tool, Selenium.

My goal within this role was to take Amag's existing hosting products (CONNECT, GUEST, IDM, Symmetry Incident Management) and create automation tests that would be based upon existing manual test cases. I was given a contracted resource to help me design and write the frameworks, strategies, and processes for the automation project, and then assigned the task of retrofitting automation into each of the products, and maintaining those tests in the future.

My TeamCity server from the previous role would be utilised within this role too, as I could integrate Cypress automation tests with continuous integration rules or timed triggers, so that my tests could run after a product had been deployed to QA, or once a day. This would allow me to get quick feedback on the stability of the product and feedback the test results to my team of manual testers - informing them of areas that might need prioritising during regression.

I was required to assist with the manual testing of either the web or mobile Symmetry Incident Management applications, where required, and continue to assist and mentor my team. While I had less direct interaction with customers anymore, I was still responsible for building and packaging releases for customers and the Hosting Deployment Team, using TeamCity.

I also continued to write documentation, processes, frameworks within Confluence, but now also generated release notes for customers, and also took meeting notes where appropriate to provide everybody with important points that may need to be communicated.

Lead Product Engineer

Amag Technology, Tewkesbury, UK – (February 2019 - February 2020)

Extending from my previous role, I was given the opportunity to mentor junior staff members, and be involved in the recruitment process to expand the team. During this time, I was moved across to work on a different product called "Risk360" (now named, "Symmetry Incident Management").